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Shane van der Straaten

Trainer, Class instructor, Theragun Massage Therapist

Shane is the founder of Genysis and started training from the age of 15. He has been training clients for over 12 years and believes that any training should start by achieving a good base level of strength, which makes all other training more effective. Specialising in muscle gain and body sculpting to get you in the shape you want.

With years of playing many sports, Shane also knows how to help ease pains, strains and discomfits that the body likes to remind you of. He also has experience in training older adults to ensure wellbeing at any age with suitable training methods applicable to each clients life-style.

Shane Pix B+W webres Oct 2021 16_edited.jpg

In 1-1 sessions, Shane’s style is quiet determination to help you realise your capabilities. In a class setting, it’s the opposite, with constant energy and motivation.

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