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Boxing Fitness at Genysis

Boxanity™ and Boxer Circuits. Women only and Mixed classes

Our high intensity Boxanity™ sessions will have you working with a partner. You will perform combinations using Boxing and Muay-thai Kickbxing techniques interspersed with conditioning exercises such as Push-ups, Jump squats and ab work. Great house tunes will help you smash through 1 hour boxing rave as you burn through 700 calories+ then bring it back with a nice stretch to finish off and send you home buzzing.


Or you come to our more technical focussed Boxer circuits where you will learn and practice Boxing techniques on pads, and various punch bags. It may be the heavy bag for technique and power, the floor to ceiling for speed or the wall bag for combinations and then combined with strength and conditioning exercises to help you feel strong, fit, lean and confident.


You can attend ad-hock or pay monthly. Please be aware that monthly packages renew automatically unless cancelled. Boxing class passes cannot be used for any other class.


Boxer Circuits

Suitable for Beginners

Learn to use various Punchbags

High intensity Pad based

Burn 700 calories

Learn proper Techniques

Strength and conditioning

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