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Online Personal Training

With mobile training you can build your package.

Get a nutritional plan, a workout plan, and check in bi-weekly. Or you can do as many live workout sessions as you like. Make a package to suit your budget. With the right discipline, online training is as effective as in-person training and can be done with your favourite trainer anywhere in the world.


Many training goals can be achieved with minimal equipment. For instance, Weight management is 70% controlled by diet and the rest down to activity and muscle mass. And training at home or wherever you want is convenient, but a lot of the time it is about your headspace, not your physical space But using a professional Trainer will motivate you more than you can do on your own. They can give you the best exercises to be doing, how many sets and reps, check your form and having that person to be answerable to helps keep you on track.

Why Genysis Studios

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Professional Trainers

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