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Marta Szarkova

Online Trainer

Marta is a woman of the world, and so we are only fortunate enough to have her as an online Coach. Luckily, she is effective in any capacity as a Trainer.


Marta has been training clients for 6 years with many successful and some truly life changing results. She has competed in professional Fitness competitions, placing 3rd in her second competition in 2017.


Specialising in body transformations, weight management and strength/ resistance training - Marta knows what is takes to turn your body into the creation you want. Marta will also make you feel powerful in mind with a holistic approach to your training as your strong body will help give you a strong mind.


Her approach is to guide and educate you about safe and beneficial training as well as right nutrition that supports your goal and help you to stay on track with your fitness.

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